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Spring is a time for sports. Baseball and soccer are both great sports to play in the spring. Bellingham Soccer is looking for some additional boys (ages 6y8m to 12) to play the in-town soccer program this spring. Experience shows that the best place to look for new players is friends and family. As a player who is already registered for spring soccer, Bellingham Soccer would like to offer you this incentive: Refer a friend to play in-town boys soccer this spring who did not play soccer last fall, and receive a $10 refund off of your spring registration fee for each in-town boy who registers based on your referral (max of $40 per family). Simply have your friends write: Referred by on the paper or online registration form comments when they register. Remember – While in-town teams do play great soccer, they are also good for kids who may be new to the sport.

Hurry! Offer ends March 15th (registration must be received or postmarked by this date).

Check the Bellingham Soccer website for registration information: Online registration is quick and easy.

The referral incentive program does not apply to instructional or girls in-town programs, even though these programs do have limited openings.

Remember – The opening day for in-town and instructional is April 5th.

Chip Maurer
Bellingham Soccer

Spring 2008 Registration Information