– Players


The coach, who is a volunteer, is expected to be at practice promptly. The same is expected of all the players, as practices are as important as the games. This is the time when existing techniques are enhanced and new ones are introduced and developed. It is also the time that is used to teach and practice tactics.

Players are expected to attend practice with a positive, enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to learn from the coach. When attending practice, players are expected to dress properly. I.e.: soccer shoes, shin pads. Each player should bring water or juice, rather than a carbonated beverage.

It is the player’s responsibility to know the time of the scheduled games. If the player does not have this information the day before the game, the player should contact the coach. The player should have a schedule at home.

Players are required to dress in the uniform provided by the Association. Soccer shoes are required and a player must wear shin pads or they will not be allowed to play. The wearing of earrings or other jewelry is not allowed. Shirts should be tucked in and socks covering shin pads.

Most coaches will spend time in preparing for practices and games. If a player is unable to attend, the coach should be notified as soon as it is known that the player will be absent.